In order to soar you have to leap.

How We Started

Once upon a time there was a publishing house—one of those ones you wish was your publisher—whose growing list of clients weren’t just authors anymore, who requested more and more branding, marketing, and design outside of the author/publisher relationship.

Optical Lift was born out of a desire to change how companies view themselves, the marketplace, and their journey based on values, actions, and a holistic approach to branding, marketing, and design.

Where We’re Going

It’s the Wild, Wild West out there, and everyone and their uncle’s cousin’s brother’s nephew is an “expert” in the field. There’s much talk and untested theories and reactionary content in the self-perpetuating cycle of nonsensical, inconsistent, and incongruent hamster-wheeled-drivenness to put brands and individuals in the visible marketplace without any real understanding of a holistic approach to branding, marketing, and design.

Until now.

The Team

Marshall Mitchell is the Publisher at Write Now Publishing House and the Brand Content Developer at Optical Lift. He develops books and brands around intentional legacies. He enjoys crisp mornings with coffee in silence, and thrifting the perfect mug and book. He currently lives in Springfield, MO with his wife and young daughter.


Cherith Mitchell is the Creative Director at Optical Lift. She loves to develop brands, rant about how the world can be a better place, and drink cold coffee from a tumbler with her name on it. When not serving the non-profits of the world, you’ll find her awing over the cutest kid this side of sliced bread.



Alexandria “Turtle” Mitchell, Optical Lift mascot, enjoys raisins by the handful, whole milk by the gallon, and selfies on her mother’s iPhone. She communicates like a pro—a pro mascot, that is. When not pointing and grunting, she’s snuggling, catching the lent with her trailing blankies, and making the most adorable facial expressions in the known world. If you have a problem, if you think she can help, perhaps you can hire… Turtle.

 We’re Hiring

Maybe we’re hiring you. Maybe you’ll be in a room with a view. Maybe it’s a closet with a coat and box from the last tenant. Find out here.