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In order to soar you have to leap.

Meet the Team

Our little team here at Optical Lift is passionate about all things design, calligraphy and artisan (and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re a little addicted to steaming cups of tea, too). Every day, we put our heads together to come up with the perfect combination of beautiful, true-to-life and uplifting greeting cards, stationary, wedding suites and prints. Because, let’s face it, we could all use a little more #happymail in our lives.

Marshall & Cherith Mitchell

Hi! We’re the dream-team couple behind the Optical Lift name. Cherith has the love for lettering and design, and Marshall’s the writer, planner, communicator, and all around doer of all things forward-thinking (as well as father-of-the-year award winner four years running).

And Hank

We don’t talk about Hank much. (Except behind his back. Sorry, Hank!) Hank has a background as a backdrop. Hank is the apparition behind much of the fun we have here at Optical Lift, but we don’t let that get to his head.

How It’s Made

The unique designs featured on each and every Optical Lift card, stationary, and wedding suite begin as a meticulously hand-lettered design inked on paper or watercolored by our favorite artist, Karen Caldwell. Each custom design is then digitized through a labor of love before the card or invitation is ready for printing on our very own handmade paper or on some pretty luxurious cotton cardstock. It’s our belief that quality doesn’t have to break the bank, and we’ve set out to prove just that.

About the Name

Optical Lift is a potential form of interplanetary travel (we’ll wait while you do a double-take on that last sentence). It harnesses the pressure of light (yeah, that’s a thing) to create an aerodynamic lift in order to steer solar sails (solar sails!). A huge debt of gratitude is due to the brilliant minds of Tim Peterson and physicist Grover Swartzlander at RIT for not only discovering this phenomenon, but naming it the coolest thing ever. (Yeah, full discloser? We stole the name.)

Regardless of the less-than-honorable acquisition and the name’s every-so-complex origins, for us Optical Lift symbolizes the ever-present desire to reach for the stars, grasp the seemingly-impossible, and create excellent paper goods.

Optical Lift. Go higher.